The Miserable Rich – Tour-Diary Pt. 5 "the Hoff not now big in Germany, fact"

Der Sommer war beinahe da und musste nun wieder diesigem April-Wetter weichen. The Miserable Rich ließen sich davon nicht beeindrucken und bestritten weiter wacker ihre Deutschland-Tour. Bevor sie heute Abend ihr Konzert im Wiener Chelsea geben, kann man sich heute endlich wieder einmal mit einem ausführlichen Bericht der letzten Tage auf das Konzert einstimmen, oder auch einfach weiter verfolgen, was die Jungs so erlebt haben.

Day 8: It’s not the Wurzburg – it’s the best-Burg

Today we worked on a new song, which is beginning to sound really good. It’s kinda gentle but then has this big, big middle 8 and goes a little bit nuts.

Mike then made a lovely nettle soup containing some pleasing nutritional statistics. The actual statistics weren’t part of the recipe – one can’t just put abstract concepts such as numbers into a meal.

Off to Wurzburg to play at Cairo – the show was really good – half way through an audience member came up to James and said: “Please just one song without amplification…” So for the encore we played the alternative version of Hungover sitting on the monitors rock-stylee but totally acoustic and it went down really well.

After the show we went to a place called the Beertemple and worshipped some beer.

Day 9: Did we really eat Whoppers for breakfast?

Check out time today was 9am! Not very rock’n’roll – so no breakfast for us… What happened next I’m truly ashamed of…we went to Burger King and some of us had Whopper meals for breakfast instead. I know – so wrong but so, so right.

We had three interviews in Nurnburg at Muz club before the show. It was our third time at Muz club and is fast becoming one of our very favourite places. We always seem to end up there on a Mittwoch (Wednesday) in springtime.

The interviews were fun – Rhys made us laugh in answer to the question: “So you’ve spent quite a lot of time in Germany – is there anything about the German culture you just don’t understand?” Rhys said bemusedly: “The language?” And we did laugh.

Our ever brilliant tour manager Carsten made us laugh today when the subject of David Hasselhoff came up – he expressed strongly to us the notion David Hasselhoff is very popular in Germany is both a cliché and a myth. This did make us laugh. Later he Wikipedia-ed Hasselhoff and although it shows the Hoff’s first single did get to number 1 in Germany some time ago, his most recent single charted at number 3 in England – but, crucially, did not chart at all in Germany. There’s the evidence right there – the Hoff not now big in Germany, fact. We didn’t ask him about Right Said Fred.

It was beautiful lying outside Muz on the grass in the sunshine listening to Phoenix’s album blast out of a van stereo…Will and me had a jam outside in the sun whilst scampering children throw frizbees at us.

We were delighted to see a full house at Muz Club and we had a nearly super-stunning gig. Er, a little tricky to say this but a couple of English people in the audience right at the front talked nearly all the way through. Now you know we’re kind of a band to listen to and no matter how enthusiastic our two talkative friends were about the music being judged on how you look while trying to perform is not particularly fun – I swear one of them described me as “a bit naff”. Other words were mentioned which I’ll not go into…

Anyway the sound was great – Sebastian from the band The Audience took care of that and it was very lovely to see our friends from the Great Bertholinis too.

Post-show our former experiences of Nurnberg were replicated with aplomb. There was this spicy shot going round called Mexicana and with a group effort we managed to finish the whole bottle.

James and me tried to perform Simon and Garfunkel’s “For Emily” but he fell asleep mid-way through. Our friend Lily pointed out the little bells we are selling are perfect for recreating Monty Python’s Management Training Interview sketch: “…a good night…ding, ding, ding, ding, ding…” much to our amusement.

A random group of us ended up at a rock-bar where they sent a piece of paper round asking for jukebox requests most of which ended up being AC/DC. Quite a night all in all – we love Nurnberg – lovely hosts at Muz and a lovely bunch of people.

Day 10: Munchen – glad to be back

Today started with a nice slow, lazy stroll along the river in the sunshine. We gathered our thoughts and our gear and headed to Munich.

It was a very hot drive to the classy city that is Munich. We were slightly concerned this would not be our most attended show but it wasn’t too bad in the end. The ever-faithful promoter was great and very welcoming.

We sat outside and drank wine staring at the classy looking party-people and footballers going into Pacha above where we were playing. I rather selfishly/pretentiously asked the band if they’d mind if I took a 24-hour vow of silence. They agreed and as of 9:30pm I would not speak.

Obviously during the show I had to count in some songs and sing backing vocals but essentially I would be silent. Our show was slightly nervy as we were still recovering from the night before but it certainly had its moments.

We did the encore completely acoustic gathering the audience together and getting right up close to them – intimate. So intimate one audience member kept asking me questions and I had to whisper in his ear I had taken a vow of silence. He kind of looked at me a little confused.

The first notable thing I’ve noticed about being silent is re-discovering the power of smiling. Nice.

Back at our “eccentric” slightly Fawlty Towers hotel we started watching Fantastic Mr Fox – really great but was soon asleep.

I say eccentric hotel as last time we were there we got told off for talking and this time Will’s and my room was somehow connected to the front door buzzer so every time it went off in the night we got woken up. The second or third time of being woken up I did break my silence involuntarily with: “For fuck’s sake!” Nice way to break the silence.

I tried to get a glass of water from the tap but what came out ran a brownish, reddish colour and I thought I’d give it a miss…

Day 11: Silence-burg

Breakfast was my first big challenge of maintaining silence and on being asked tea or coffee I failed saying “tea”.
Driving into Austria is always a beautiful experience with the gorgeous snow-capped mountains providing a dreamy backdrop. I did accidentally mumble the word “cool” to Rhys looking at the mountains.

The problem with maintaining silence deliberately was I felt like I was burdening everyone else and it made me feel like a bit of an idiot but with the undying support of the band and Carsten I continued on my quest.

We were excited to be in Saltzburg so we took our customary walk down to the river to drink a beer in the sun. There were quite a number of over-excited Saltzburgers also drinking in the sun certainly providing the afternoon with colour.
Back at the hotel we watched the snooker and fell asleep. Tonight’s show was at Arge-Kultur – a lovely arts complex with al fresco restaurant boasting views towards the mountains.

It was a tad tricky meeting the lovely people of the complex without saying anything but I did it and remained silent all through sound check.

We sat outside as day turned to night eating Thai Chicken curries and the band commentated on the countdown to my first proper words after 24-hours. I was quite apprehensive about what to say because there was talk of it being profound and although I’d had a profound experience I could not think of much profound to say.

As it came closer to the 24-hours being up the calm sky turned stormy and there was thunder and lightning. Maybe the gods were angry I had stayed silent when I had been given the gift of speech, maybe it was a coincidence. When the moment came when I was allowed to speak I felt the need to remain silent for a few more minutes. The first word I said was: “Thanks…” in appreciation for everyone’s support on my test. I was thinking about saying: “and then I just totally chundered – everywhere!” but I thought better of it.

Vienna-based support act Bernard Eder Trio played – a cool, interesting sound we look forward to hearing again tomorrow night. We went on stage about 11:30 but still had enough energy and did a really lovely show. James told the audience of my vow of silence – I told the crowd I’d really enjoyed it and Rhys mockingly concurred – cheers mate…
Was almost asleep on leaving the venue – a lovely day and great night…

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