The Miserable Rich – Tour-Diary Pt. 4 "yes, we found the clitoria"

Nachdem The Miserable Rich mit ihrem Tour-Diary schnell und in kurzer Zeitfolge gestartet sind, haben sich die Brightoner nun eine feste Schlagzahl für neue Einträge angewöhnt. Heute ist es wieder soweit und wieder einmal bietet sich eine hervorragende Einstimmung, nun auf das Konzert heute Abend in Nürnberg.

Day 5: Don’t Worry – Be Curry!

Well I woke up today feeling a sense of guilt, as I was rather drunk last night. I don’t think I did anything wrong but I was trying to get the lads to dance at the after-show disco but they wouldn’t. They don’t wanna dance – dance with their baby no more…

So we took a drive round Halle and ended up at the Botanical Gardens – the perfect cure. They got some pretty cool stuff there like beehives, the clitoria plant (yes, we found the clitoria), newts and frogs and stuff.

We walked to Halle’s town centre where there was a piece of punning to challenge our own linguistic genii: a currywurst stand called, wait for it… Don’t Worry – Be Curry! They musta known we were coming and all too predictably we couldn’t resist.

And on to Hannover – a lovely sunny day so we sat by the river with beer and cards. Parli – our ever enthusiastic promoter in Hannover hosted us as wonderfully as ever making sure there was table football, a piano, lovely wine and great food backstage. Lovely to know someone who cares soooo much about the music – and looking after musicians!

I felt strangely excitable tonight maybe coz the venue was so nice – a theatre at Ballhof Eins with a lovely vibe about it.
I really enjoyed the set – totally buzzing off it and the superbly warm crowd. We’d moved the songs about a bit and it seemed to do the trick. Four songs in playing Boat Song my guitar just cut out – oops! But you know when you’re feeling so good nothing can get you down? Yeah, well it was like that. The soundmen saved me bringing a new battery for the guitar and all was well – James made a joke about me needing to go into therapy and I said I might need that – we are “sensitive artists” after all. The rest of the show was great. We played our alternative version of “Hungover” where I’ve kinda Mexican-ed it up and James could not help himself singing “Hannover” instead of “Hungover” – the naughty little sausage/bratwurst.

Outside in the vans we had a bit of a moment with our Swedish comrades Solander when they put on “You Can Call Me Al” on their stereo – we did dance and sing along. Rhys told us the story of how the “reverse bass solo” originated on the recording. Well, apparently it was Paul Simon’s bass player’s birthday the day they recorded it and Paul Simon’s bass player said to Paul Simon: “Paul Simon – it’s my birthday today, please can I do a reverse bass solo on the song “You Can Call Me Al”? It would really make my day.” And Paul Simon, in his unmistakably Paul Simon-y kind of way, said: “Yes.”
The very bass the “reverse bass solo” was performed on was made out of a bit of wood found at the bottom of a cleared out lake in case you were wondering – ask Rhys about it some time – he’d like that.

Parli and Arne took us to their club for a private lock-in. We drank, talked and listened to Jason Pegg’s solo album, which we’re all enjoying a lot.

I fell asleep in a sitting position for two hours. Good night Hannover.

For those of you of the anorak-persuasion there are three references to the band Clearlake (who I play for) in the last few paragraphs – can you spot them?

1) “bit of wood” – before Clearlake were known as such they were called Not Bit Of Wood
2) “cleared out lake” – self-explanatory really
3) “Jason Pegg” – Clearlake’s front-man

Anorak–city, yeah!

Day 6: Cologne-ic irrigation

Walked around in the Hannover sunshine with Will trying to remember how to get back to the van and eventually found it. We drove to Cologne and on arriving in the city our sat-nav decided to go loopy. It’s kinda loopy anyway – it does a “moo” sound like a cow if you go too fast but we started going too fast just to hear the “moo” sound – daft, huh…

Anyway we eventually arrived at Gebaude 9 – a cool place where lots of cool bands are playing like Wild Beasts, Archie Bronson Outfit and all female AC/DC tribute band – AC/D-She.

The local promoter George, a larger than life character, did joke with us that he would be supporting England in the World Cup…I think not.

We enjoyed the beer-bottle tops sporting the different flags of the World Cup finalists, alas there was not one for Sweden as they didn’t qualify – sorry Solander…

According to the graffiti-covered wall in the backstage Iron Maiden once played the venue…in 1958. And Metallica once played there…in 1932. You do the math(s).

The sound and lighting guys were great – the lighting guy had a whole bunch of stuff to make us look cool…
We made some pretty mediocre puns about Cologne – I said: “Oh, I’ve eaten too much – I need Cologne-ic irrigation…” Yeah, there were some more but you’ve got better things to do than read them.

The gig was good – very sweaty under the lights. We listened to Rhys tell his Paul Simon story again and again and again – so if you’d like to replicate that go back a few paragraphs and repeat.

Day 7: Beavers and Buttheads

Today was a day off – frankly days off on tour are generally not something we look forward to. However, we did go for a lovely walk up the river where we saw some amazing wildlife including a very friendly beaver who showed off to us by intimidating the ducks – yeah, we know who’s boss beaver.

Mike picked loads of nettles, wild garlic and stuff which would later become a soup but more of that later. Further on up the river we were indulged in a simultaneous group hallucination or mirage – where we stumbled upon a beach bar on a farm in the middle of loads of fields in the sunshine – beautiful. We sat in the midst of our hallucination and had a drink…
Back at Hazelwood Pablo/the confused one/one of We Are The Faggots made us a very more-ish risotto and we noticed what massive mouthfuls of food Rhys takes in.

Later on we went out to see Solander play a show in Frankfurt. I’ve decided that as beautiful as our slim, good-looking Swedish friends are they do not drink or eat enough. Maybe that’s why they’re slim and good-looking…hmm, certainly something to think about.

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