The Miserable Rich – Tour-Diary Pt. 3 "Halfway between heaven and Halle"

Nachdem es mit den ersten beiden Teilen des The Miserable Rich Tour-Diary Schlag auf Schlag ging haben sich die Brightoner nun ein paar Tage Zeit gelassen mit ihrem nächsten Eintrag. Der ist dafür umso umfangreicher und wie immer höchst unterhaltsame Lesekost.

Day 3: What’s Jimmy White up to these days?

Breakfast at The Three Little Pigs in Berlin was accompanied with a five part symphony of electric sawing – jazz…mm…nice.

So off to lovely Dresden – which we saw none of unfortunately – to play the lovely venue Beatpol who have simply amazing food. Firstly though back at the hotel we watched a great film/documentary called “King Of Kong” essentially about two American guys’ quest to score more than 1 million points on arcade game Donkey Kong – a wonderful tale of man v. machine and man v. man and man v. himself. I’ll say no more than we recommend it – kinda nerdy but kinda moving too…

Also watched some of the snooker on Eurosport – veteran Steve Davis was beating John Higgins at the time. Will and me pondered over the whereabouts of Jimmy White – and strangely enough we had our question answered for us…but more of that later on.

As we rightly suspected they would Beatpol fed us like kings – thank you Beatpol. We met Swedish band Solander who would now accompany us on tour for quite a few dates – seem like a nice bunch – we hope to get drunk with them one of these nights.

We watched a lovely Fry and Laurie sketch called “comfy-wee” – very amusing – check it out on You Tube if you have a mo…

It’s funny being in a band – you get spoilt sometimes and sometimes you get spoilt a lot. I’m spoilt being in a band with such amazing musicians (not trying to score points or anything – honest) and what I mean is that it’s very easy to get used to that and take it for granted. It’s almost like I need to do some kind of reminder ritual to say thank you to the universe for all the things we are blessed with…

It’s not just about being in a band – I’ll not make a list of all the things but the people in your life you’re blessed with and stuff too. Anyway, I’ll not go on otherwise I fear this’ll become some gushing sentimental drivel.

Back to Beatpol – we were bloated and a little tired from the excellent cuisine but the show went well – two encores again and lovely warm crowd.

We kinda had an early night which doesn’t happen often for us – yeah, well course, we’re rock’n’roll – it’s every night for us lot, yeah, we’re hardcore an’ that, boys-on-tour, lah-lah-lah, etc.

Except tonight…

Day 4: Halfway between heaven and Halle

Before going to the beautiful Objekt 5 venue in Halle we would do a radio session in Leipzig for Detektor Radio.

What lucky bunnies we are – two of the best cities to make puns on in one day! The god of puns must be blessing us for all our hard work over the years to the humble pun – Leipzig Champion, it’s only rock’n’roll but I Leipzig, like a bat out of Halle, you could drag me to Halle and back…

But – you can have too much of a good thing. Our sense of “humour” is reaching dire – previously not thought reachable – new lows.

Punning is an addiction we cannot resist – we do them sometimes and then bask in our own sense of self-disgust – like a chocaholic stuffing themselves with irresistible Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bars – the big bars – you know the ones – and then feeling only dread, guilt and emptiness.
Okay then…

Even Carsten’s got involved – our disease is slowly spreading. He’s put on our merchandise stand “Of Merch and Fury” which doesn’t even make sense – that’s some advanced punning right there. He’s even put Halle-lujah on his Facebook…

Right, enough of this futility…Alex/Lucille Du Bas, our favourite PR person in the world, took us to the lovely Detektor radio where they have this massive black dog called Jazzer (we think). The people were all very nice too – really good interview and nice session.
Alex – who, incidently, dreamed the name Lucille Du Bas and then made it her DJ name – took us to a lovely Leipzig park where we watched the ducks play their funny mating games and we smelt the lovely wild garlic. Hoping Mike will pick a load and make garlic soup. We then had a look at Leipzig University, a gallery and Mendelssohn’s Conservatoire (I think).

James and me lay in hammocks near a space ship in the sunshine – which was nice.

We said goodbye to Alex and Will took over the driving to go to Halle while Carsten was off DJ-ing somewhere. The music on the way to Halle was interesting – a bizarre version of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” came on the radio featuring the normal arrangement but then going into some weird samba kinda stuff – odd. We were then saved as if by magic by Mardi Gras BB’s “Pulp Fiction/Hip-Hop” mix tape they left in the van…I put it in the tape player and something so beautiful, so earth-shatteringly good happened… Dire Straits “Walk Of Life” blasted out of the speakers sounding as good and as fresh as the day it was conceived – a beautiful, beautiful 3 and a half minutes of pop rock bliss…aaaahhhh…

Now if you’ve following this blog well you will remember we posed the question “What’s Jimmy White up to these days?” Ah, well, you see, arriving in Halle we saw snooker posters up advertising an exhibition snooker match tour featuring amongst others – the one and only Jimmy White. He’ll even be playing in Halle… Well there you go – ask the universe a question and the answer will come…

Objekt 5 is such a lovely venue. We had lovely food in the garden. We saw a hot air balloon and James said it was half way between heaven and Halle. Solander were great. The audience was superb. Our hosts were lovely. We did a lovely show.

Have to say a special thanks to Baby Universal and their friends who remembered a drunken conversation – thanks guys – you’re awesome.
I made up a joke today too – wanna hear it? Course not – so what did Leonard Nimoy say when he saw one of the Star Trek girls covered in poo?

Has William Shatner?

Thanks and good night.

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