The Miserable Rich – Tour-Diary Pt. 2 "Even motorways in a different country seem exotic"

Und schon geht’s weiter. Kurz vor ihrem Konzert heute Abend in Dresden haben uns The Miserable Rich den nächsten Teil ihres Tour-Diary zukommen lassen. Also starten wir nach dem Eintrag heute morgen gleich in den nächsten Eintrag. Viel Spaß:

Day 1: Even motorways in a different country seem exotic

Woke up early – excited about the first actual gig of the tour – everyone in good spirits. We hit the road for the five-hour drive to Hamburg. As James put it yesterday: “Even motorways in a different country seem exotic…”

Knust Club is a really nice venue and has featured all number of acts before they got really big like R.E.M. and so on. It’s situated in a left-wing kinda area, a stone’s throw away from St. Pauli football ground who might get promoted to Bundesleague One this season.

The support act tonight were a band from Halle called Baby Universal who we played with at Orange Blossom festival last year. In all honestly we were a bit scared they’d be too rock’n’roll for us with their Jim Morrison type front-man but it turned out they were really sweet, lovely guys.

Lovely to see some similar faces in the audience and for our first show of the tour was quite a good one. Two encores later and we were happy. We coulda done more but two really is the limit.
Knust promoter Norbert was ever the gracious host and plied us with red wine to our own detriment. A sense of relief was felt that we done our first German show including all the tracks from the new album – in a nearly two-hour marathon set. I say marathon because I missed out doing the Brighton marathon on Sunday but then Katie Price/Jordan pulled out too so I’m in good company.

Just to say apologies to you reader (I say “reader” because if you are reading this you are most likely the only one) if this not particularly exciting – lots of “funny”, well funny to us, things get said on tour but I can’t remember them all – so I’m genuinely sorry if this is a bit boring…
Later on Will and me got a kebab on the Reeperbahn and passed a row of 20 prostitutes standing in the street. If you get within 5 feet of them they reach out and try to grab you. Quite a bizarre and somewhat intimidating sales tactic – needless to say we weren’t sold.
Back at the hotel James fell down the stairs, not because he was drunk or anything, hurting his ear and gaining a few bruises body-wise. That will learn him or teach him or something.

Day 2: Slowzercise

Even though it’s Wednesday today it feels like Sunday – maybe coz last night felt like Saturday. Anyway it’s definitely Wednesday.

Today we went to Berlin to a really lovely art gallery/studio type place to do 5 interviews and a showcase gig to press and other people. We did a live video recording for German magazine Music Express and one for Spreeblick a very popular German blog site. We had other radio interviews including one with one of our favourite interviewers Doris – all five of us were in that one and it was fun.

Throughout the day we invented a new meditation exercise called Slowzercise. Or Slug-ercise or Sloth–ercise. Inspired by our arty surroundings I posed the question how slow could you move from one side of the room to the other? The rules being 1) you have to keep on moving forward all the time, 2) you cannot go backwards and 3) you cannot be totally still at any point. It suddenly dawned on us how difficult it is to actually move really, really slowly and that there is quite an art to it. I now believe through this meditation exercise, or should I say Slowzercise, one can achieve a greater bodily control, an elevated sense of chi and ultimately inner peace. Hmm…

Amongst the journos at our performance was the German Rolling Stone Editor who described our performance as “superb” and said it was an honour to see such fine musicians play. I like.

We played the whole of the new album plus 3 tracks from the first. It felt more like a gig than a showcase as the audience were really warm and the venue was lovely. Our artist hosts were great and made us feel welcome and warm.

Leisure Society/*Sons of Noel and Liam’s German booking agent Denis was there with an American band called Emanuel and the Fear. They were all really nice guys and we ended up at one of the famous table tennis bars where it starts off with 15-20 people all with bats going round the table taking it turn to take a shot and keep the rally going. If you miss and don’t get the ball in – you’re out. So it dwindles down from 20 or so people until just two of you are left and those two play first to five points.

It’s a really cool game starting off fairly slowly – surreal to see so many people stroll around the table – gradually getting faster and faster when there’s only 3 or 4 left sprinting round to get their shot in.
Out of the Mis Rich Mike did best getting into the last 3, I got into the last 4 in one round and Emanuel from Emanuel and the Fear won a round – impressive stuff as there were some pretty tasty players.

There was also one quite annoying player we named “blue shirt”. During the early stages of a round he’d put unnecessary spin on the ball making it really hard for any novice players, he’d also join in the game when it was half way through and sometimes he wouldn’t leave the table when it was obvious he was out – I know – what a klutz! On a far more serious level, though, he was responsible for selling nuclear weapons to Iraq – okay, so he wasn’t it’s just that I feel we’re giving him a harder time he deserves and wanted to find some real proper dirt on him so someone made that bit up.

Anyway, apart “blue shirt” it really was one of those unifying experiences with people of all nationalities joining in and having fun together. It can be a lovely world with lovely people doing lovely stuff together.

*I’ve said Sons of Noel and Liam there instead of Sons of Noel and Adrian – it’s a joke. What I’ve done is exchange the word Adrian for the word Liam thus making it sound like they’re the sons of the infamous Gallagher brothers. I could take it one stage further and say Sons of Oasis but that’d just be stupid.

The Miserable Rich auf Tour

22.04. DRESDEN | Beatpol
23.04. HALLE | Objekt 5
24.04. HANNOVER | Ballklang Junges Schauspiel
25.04. KÖLN | Gebäude 9
27.04. WÜRZBURG | Cairo
28.04. NÜRNBERG | MUZclub
29.04. MÜNCHEN | Rote Sonne
30.04. SALZBURG | ArgeKultur
01.05. STEYR | Röda
02.05. WIEN | Chelsea
03.05. GRAZ | Scherbe
05.05. VEVEY | Le Bout Du Monde
06.05. ZÜRICH | Papiersaal
07.05. STUTTGART | Wagenhallen
08.05. FRANKFURT | Brotfabrik
09.05. SCHAFFHAUSEN | TabTap

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