The Miserable Rich – Tour-Diary "Of Drive and Fury G.A.S. Tour 2010"

Gerade sorgen die Eight Legs mit ihrem Tour-Diary für große Unterhaltung, da stehen hier bei uns auch schon die nächsten Engländer in den Startlöchern, um uns regelmäßig mit Beiträgen von ihrer Tour durch Deutschland zu versorgen. Ab nächster Woche werden euch die Kammer-Popper The Miserable Rich aus Brighthon, deren neues Album „Of Flight & Fury“ ab sofort zu haben ist, regelmäßig über ihre Erlebnisse auf dem Laufenden halt. Es verspricht spannend zu werden. Den ersten kleinen Teaser gibt es jetzt schon, geschrieben von Jim B., der sich augenscheinlich sehr auf die Termine freut:

The Miserable Rich – Of Drive and Fury G.A.S. Tour 2010

Here we go again! The Miserable Rich are preparing for another jolly holiday round Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France starting next week…

This is becoming an annual event for us which we all dearly love – feeling more at home every time we make the journey across the channel.

Our second album Of Flight and Fury was a long time coming – but we are proud and relieved it’s out and finished – maybe some people might even like it….that would be nice.

Wonderful to see our Manchester-based label Humble Soul and our Frankfurt-based label Hazelwood Vinyl teaming up, or getting into bed together (as one might say, ahem…), to help make the venture successful: team work makes the dream work as some millionaire-life-coach-guru-type once said.

It’s been an exciting year so far with lots of nice things said by various DJs about the single Somerhill as well as videos being made for Somerhill, Chestnut Sunday, Hungover and Let Me Fade the last of which features two squirrels murdering each other – “how sweet” I hear you cry…

Last Saturday was our farewell to Brighton/hello to the new album gig in which we played the whole album from start to finish! I know – crazy!! A very emotional night all in all – possibly the warmest Brighton crowd we’ve ever played to. We “did a good one” as one long-haired, dishevelled, guitar player once hoped we would.

Saturday we will play our farewell to London gig at the beautiful Union Chapel and on Sunday we drive all the way from Brighton to Frankfurt. A touch ironic we’re driving when our album is Of Flight…and also a bit scary with musicians responsible for getting us all the way there – no doubt it’ll be a lovely adventure. I’m looking forward to when our German tour manager Carsten takes control – we’re musicians, we need looking after.

We’ll hit the fantastic Hamburg on Tuesday – the first of 20-something gigs… Nurnberg is often the drunkest place where whoever we meet tries to drink us under the table – and usually does… it’ll be fantastic to return to Halle – with the coolest sound man in the world… we wonder if the people of Steyr will recognise a certain album cover, hmm… we hope Dresden has the same chef, man, the pie was good last time… and all the other places – we just can’t wait to be there!

For the time being we’ll be dreaming of rolling green forests, snow-capped mountains in the sunshine, exciting gigs with wonderful audiences and planning ways to make our feet not smell too bad.

Well, hope to see you somewhere along the way – we’d like that. It’s gonna be a GAS, man…

Jim B, The Miserable Rich x

The Miserable Rich auf Tour

20.04. HAMBURG | Knust
22.04. DRESDEN | Beatpol
23.04. HALLE | Objekt 5
24.04. HANNOVER | Ballklang Junges Schauspiel
25.04. KÖLN | Gebäude 9
27.04. WÜRZBURG | Cairo
28.04. NÜRNBERG | MUZclub
29.04. MÜNCHEN | Rote Sonne
30.04. SALZBURG | ArgeKultur
01.05. STEYR | Röda
02.05. WIEN | Chelsea
03.05. GRAZ | Scherbe
05.05. VEVEY | Le Bout Du Monde
06.05. ZÜRICH | Papiersaal
07.05. STUTTGART | Wagenhallen
08.05. FRANKFURT | Brotfabrik
09.05. SCHAFFHAUSEN | TabTap

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