The History Of Apple Pie – DropTune Media Session

Seit November hatten wir schon keine News mehr zu den Londoner von The History Of Apple Pie. Gut, dass sie jetzt bei DropTune Media vorbeischauten und eine Session aus insgesamt vier Songs spielten. Wirklich toller Sound und nette Bilder.

Hier könnt ihr lesen, was die Macher dazu sagen:

„History of Apple Pie developed their first records in a basement flat in Whitechapel, a haven they describe as an ‚escapist warp‘.

A five-piece band now, they have since developed these first demos into hard hitting anthems. Understated dreampop cuts ‘You’re so Cool’ and ‘Mallory’ and grungy ‘Science for the Young’ rely on unsentimental nostalgia for guitar music band mates Stephanie and Jerome have grown up with.

‚Some of the songs are written about mine and Jerome’s own experiences,‘ says Stephanie, ‚But I prefer writing about hypothetical, sugar-coated situations, a soundtrack to situations we wish we were in but weren’t really at all; American sounds bursting through grey England. It’s more exciting that way.“

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