The Cinematics – Tour-Diary pt. 2 "we are not, after all, animals"

Die Deutschland-Tour der Cinematics ist zwar nun auch schon wieder ein paar Tage her. Gegen Ende war es wohl auch nicht so einfach, dennoch haben sie es endlich nach Hause geschafft und uns im Schweiße ihres Angesichts den zweiten Teil ihres Tour-Diary übermitteln können (hier zum Ersten). Also, viel Spaß damit:

Our short tour of Germany is almost finished, with only two more shows left to play in Augsburg and Hannover. It’s been a grand little affair, and the ideal way to chase away the winter melancholy that tends to envelope Glasgow around this time of year.

Our Cologne gig was almost washed away by a freak storm, but still a good many souls managed to brave the conditions to help us enjoy our night in the city. Cologne is a cool town and so after the show Adam and I ventured out to some city bars to party with some of our friends there, before heading back to our hotel at closing-time to empty the mini-bars of anything meaningful. We did this in an extremely civilised manner, for we are not, after all, animals. Hotel managers, however, seem to have a penchant for stereotypes, figuring us for a pack of hotel-wreckers. We may have left a handful of beer-bottles in the room after we left and those bloody swines contacted our German agent to demand that we pay them a cleaning fee. I wonder, had we not left the bottles then would they have simply left the room uncleaned? If they ask for a reasonable sum of money then we’ll pay it, but if the figure they request is even close to the price of a new Fender Jazzmaster then they’ll have to pursue us through the courts.

Our hotel misadventures followed us to Freiburg. Somehow, details of our hotel in the town were posted on myspace page and after the show a number of fans managed to get into the hotel, hoping to party. With a heavy heart, and perhaps fearing a repeat of the Cologne incident, our tour manager had to send them away with only some beers for their trouble.

We now find ourselves backstage in Augsburg, before our show here. The venue is quite unique, in that it is an old army barracks. I woke up in the back of our tour-bus to find us surrounded by barbed-wire and overlooked by gun turrets. I suggested to the band that they do not salute me, lest any snipers should be lurking, looking to gun-down a rock and roll poet before his prime. I’m told that initially the German army occupied this place and then the American army based themselves here after the war. Now some Bavarian indie-kids have taken-over and made it their stronghold. I hope we can play an explosive set tonight.

Larry (The Cinematics)


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