The Cinematics – Tour-Diary pt. 1 "We’ll outsmart them"

Seit letztem Donnerstags befinden sich The Cinematics aus Schottland wieder auf deutschen Straßen, um von Stadt zu Stadt zu reisen und die Songs ihres zweiten Albums „Love and Terror“ in mal mehr und mal weniger kuscheligen Clubs zu präsentieren. Darüber, was sie auf dieser Tour so alles erleben und sehen führen sie fleißig Tagebuch und veröffentlichen nun regelmäßige Einträge hier. Wir hoffen, ihr habt genau so viel Spaß beim Lesen, wie wir:

„I’m writing this on the road from Berlin to Cologne. We’ve been stuck in traffic-jams for a not inconsiderable amount of time during our short tour of Germany. It seems that your Frau Merkel has taken then best road-network in the world and ripped it up for its own sake. That makes no sense to this song and dance man, but I’ll leave politics to the paper-pushers.

We’ve been in Germany for a week now, yet have played only two shows, in Bremen and Halle. The rest of our time has been consumed by meetings, interviews and parties. Both of the gigs have been great. Sometimes the first show of a tour can be uncomfortable, as we warm-up and find our stride, but Bremen was cool and I think everyone there enjoyed themselves. The Halle show was packed to the rafters and afterwards Adam partied with the natives until daybreak, while I retired to the hotel to practice my DJ-skills.

On Saturday night we went to watch the young hipsters, Beat!Beat!Beat!, play in Berlin. Those boys have real talent and they put on a cool show. I’m not one for eating-up hype, but they are probably the best German band since Neu! or Can. They’re supporting us in Cologne tonight, so after the sound-check we may have to batter and bruise them just a little, to ensure that they don’t try to upstage us.

Like many bands, Berlin is one of our very favourite cities and each time we visit we find ourselves wishing we could stay forever. With this in mind we’ve decided to move there early in the New Year, in an act of life imitating art. The other boys in the band spent much of last week looking for apartments to live in when we arrive. Landlords of Berlin, however, seem reluctant to rent their properties to members of a Scottish rock and roll band. Since our command of the German language is beneath basic, we asked one of our German friends, Jasmin, to make enquiries on our behalf, but she was greeted with a less than enthusiastic response, with most landlords fearing that we’ll terrorise the neighbourhoods of Berlin with our loud, fast-living ways. At this rate, we may have to cut our hair and pretend to be accountants. We’ll outsmart them yet.

Larry (The Cinematics)“

Weitere Tour-Stationen von The Cinematics:

23. November, Köln, Gebäude 9 (mit Beat!Beat!Beat!)
26. November, Freiburg, Waldsee
27. November, Augsburg, Kantine
28. November, Hannover, Cafe Glocksee

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