Mitchell Museum – machen Pause und verschenken "Bring out the claws, the claws are out"

Vor etwa einem Jahr veröffentlichten die schottischen Indie-Popper von Mitchel Museum ihr Debüt „The Peters Port Memorial Service“ inkl. der tollen Single „Tiger Heartbeat“. Ende des Jahres gab es dann noch eine EP mit dem vielsagenden Titel „The Closer We Got The Harder We Fell“. Vielsagend deshalb, weil die Band kurz vor dem Durchbruch nun anscheinend die Handbremse gezogen hat. Genau genommen haben sie aus verschiedenen Gründen Mitchel Museum erst einmal eine Pause verordnet und sich vorerst mit folgendem Text und dem traurigen Song „Bring out the claws, the claws are out“ (den ihr über das Soundcloud-Widget downloaden könnt) verabschiedet:

„Hello all out there. We’ve come to you with kind of sad news. Of late we have had a few unfortunate instances as a band and, mostly to matters beyond our control and understanding, it seems we may have to take a break for a while.

We’ve have recently lost members of both our on and off stage team, all are just as important in making this thing happen, and we’re not sure how we will do this without them and we’re unsure if we want to.

So we’re taking an extended leave for a while to work out if we still want to make music and how to do that again. We want to say thanks to everyone who came to see us over the years, listened to our music or even just pretended they liked us to sound cool (it didn’t work by the way). You made this all great fun for us and we hope you had some fun along the way too.

Hopefully you’ll always remember us fondly like a kindly old aunt with a beard and a learning disability that was never diagnosed.

Here is the last song that we’d been working on. It seems strangely appropriate…

Bring out the claws, the claws are out. by mitchellmuseum

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