I Build Collapsible Mountains – "The Spectator & The Act" Track by Track

Vor ein paar Tagen veröffentlichte der Schotte Luke Gareth Joyce, der durch sein Post-Rock-Projekt The Gothenburg Address zumindest ein wenig Bekanntheit in der Szene erlangen konnte, sein Solo-Debüt. Dafür gab er sich den interessanten Namen I Build Collapsible Mountains und versammelte auf dem „The Spectator & The Act“ betitelten Album eine große Auswahl an relaxten, gefühlvollen Singer-Songwriter-Songs. Für uns hat er sich jetzt einmal hingesetzt und ein Track by Track zusammengestellt, in dem er jedes Stück ein wenig näher erläutert.

Face Of Thunder Grin.

FOTG was one of those tracks where it was clear it was destined to bookend the album at one end, but it was unclear as to which end that would be. The fact that it starts from the off with the omnichord rather than my acoustic guitar made it stand out a little from the rest of thetrack listing. There were two tracks that were in the running for the bookends and this track was chosen because i wanted the album to have a more uplifting beginning.

The Quickest Exit.

This song is the song that marked a slight evolution in the IBCM sound. The tracks on the EP, A Month Of Lost Memories, were all very subdued and relaxed in their delivery where as TQE was my first movement into a more speedy tempo. It is something of a double glance song with the pacy and upbeat music combined with a very dark lyrical theme. This song has some of my favourite chords and riffs to play and it has become popular at live shows.

Jump The Blue.

JTB contains my favourite lyrics on the album. It is about my ongoing fantasising about escaping from the routine and the norm and taking my self away to somewhere at the polar opposite of what i live. I think this track harks back to a state of mind which is closely associated with last years EP and it helps the feelings and themes spill over on to this record.

Trail Song.

Trail Song is something of a departure as far as my songwriting goes. I usually sit down and write fresh with no preconceived ideas. Trail Song is about something experienced before hand and is very literal. In a way the song was already there and i just had to put the experience together into a song. I took some time out to travel up north to visit one of my friends. Her grandfather was a sculptural artist and his work is now on display amongst the forestry of Aviemore. That work and that place is what the song is about.

I Build Collapsible Mountains - The Spectator & The ActThe Spectator & The Act.

The title track from the album always feel like something of an ‚epic‘ track sitting amongst the others. The song spans a huge distance of time in a few short moments and for me is the glue that brings everything together. Lyrically ithis track is the one track that i went back to over and over again debating with whether it was more than i was comfortable to share or not. In the end the ‚The Spectator & The Act‘ was the foundation for the album.


Burn is a simple love song, if somewhat one sided. It is barebones unrequited adoration at its most harshest. I had some very clear visuals whilst writing this song and as with some other songs it was just a case of trying to declutter them and get them across to the listener. If I had an unlimited budget to make a music video, this is the song I would make a video for and it would be directed by Terry Gillingham. :)

History Making.

History making is a song about chasing dreams and breaking away from unwanted restraints. I was watching Run Lolita Run whilst trying to write this song. I dont think it has any obvious influence but i do tend to be directed by whats around me physically as well as whats going on upstairs. This song was written very early on and was almost immediately put onto the setlist for shows. It is one of my favourites to plays.

Maps & Destinations.

This song was written on the same day as ‚The Spectator & The Act‘ and i think there are some small similarities. Maybe it was state of mind or just artistic overspill, but for me they are the flip side to eachother. It is a familiar sense of escape that drives this song. Unlike History Making, Maps & Destinations has only recently become a regular track on the live set for reasons unknown to myself but it is now a must play.

The Wrong Way.

The Wrong Way is the song that i knew, along with FOTG, would prop up either end of the record. TWW is a direct nod to my EP A Month Of Lost Memories. It is the tragic circumstance of meeting a bolt of lightning – brilliance and clarity for a short split moment, and then as fast as it arrived, its gone. The effects linger on, burnt onto the retina and ringing in the ears, so as not to make sure they will never be forgotten.

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