Helgi Hrafn Jónsson – neue EP "Kví Kví" für guten Zweck

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Die Geschichte ist eigentlich schnell erzählt, Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, der mit seinem zweiten Album „For The Rest Of My Childhood“ eine der Überraschungen des Jahres darstellte, hat eine neue EP, die heißt „Kví Kví“ und ein bestimmter Prozentsatz der Einnahmen geht an Amnesty International. Die Erklärung überlassen wir direkt dem Helgi, weil der es schon sehr gut formuliert hat:

„Dear Friends,

So I have made this new E.P. called Kví, Kví and I want to share it with you in a slightly different way this time! I have come up with some fun ways for you to get involved in the releasing of this record which range from signed copies with lyric sheets to personalised video’s to backstage mini shows and other fun things.

Besides one of the exclusive packages that you have to choose from, through my ‘Pledgers Only Updates’ page you will get access to unreleased photos, videos, acoustic performances of some of my unreleased songs, demos, interviews and much more.

I will use what I raise from this Pledge to market and promote this new record and to put food in my belly whilst I am on tour but I will also be donating a percentage of my profits to Amnesty International – a wonderful charity who’s current campaign is `Save The Human´!

I look forward to seeing you all really soon wether in person, on the video or in some new way that we can think of!
With love


Alle weiteren Infos und Erwerbsmöglichkeiten gibt es hier.

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