Get Well Soon – Video zu „Staying Home“, drei EP’s im November

Get Well Soon -  - The Lufthansa Heist

Wie die Zeit doch vergeht. Mehr als zwei Jahre ist es nämlich offensichtlich schon her, dass Get Well Soon, um Mastermind Konstantin Gropper mit „The Scarlet Beast O‘ Seven Heads“ ihr drittes Album veröffentlichten, mit dem der Wahl-Berliner den Sound der Vorgänger „Vexations“ und des Debüts „Rest Now Weary Head, You Will Get Well Soon“ noch weiter perfektionierte. Zwei Jahre nach dem Release gibt es jetzt allerdings kein neues Album, dafür aber ganze drei EP’s von Get Well Soon, die jeweils unter einem anderen Motto stehen und die vom 7. bis zum 21. November 2014 erscheinen. Kurz danach werden Get Well Soon dann auch im Januar endlich wieder auf Tour kommen. Hier alle Infos zu den EP’s und darunter das Video zu „The Lufthansa Heist“, dem Titeltrack der ersten EP.

Get Well Soon – The Lufthansa Heist (VÖ. 7. November 2014)

Going back to the days, to the music that made me (and probably most of you) want to pick up a guitar and form a band. Ripped my jeans, cranked up the distortion. It‘s a bliss!

„Wait a minute, doc. Are you telling me that you built a time machine, out of a guitar amp?!“


01. The 4:3 Days
02. A Night At The Rififi Bar
03. The Pope Washed My Feet In Prison
04. Sci-Fi Gulag
05. Staying Home

Get Well Soon - Henry - The Infinite Desire of Heinrich Zeppelin Alfred von Nullmeyer

Get Well Soon – Henry – The Infinite Desire of Heinrich Zeppelin Alfred von Nullmeyer (VÖ. 14. November 2014)

This one‘s a reverence to one of my favorite authors: Arnold Stadler. Or maybe it‘s a salute to his 60th birthday this year. Mostly his novel „Death and me, the two of us“ („Der Tod und ich, wir zwei“) has been accompanying and inspring me for quite a while now. These five songs are a musical hommage to this very romantic, dark, smart and funny book. Self-pitty, crooked biographies, fear of being alone, the ridiculousness of life and most of all the great longing. Just like in one of Stadler‘s most famous quotes: ,Once in this world and then like this.‘ I could go on forever about the content, but I‘d much rather recommend to read the novel. I also hope, this music will work on its own, too.


01. Henry
02. Age 14, Jumping Off The Parentsʻ Mezzanine
03. Promenading Largo Maggiore, You Wouldnʻt Hold My Hand
04. Mail From Heidegger
05. You Will Be Taken Care Of

Get Well Soon - Greatest Hits

Get Well Soon – Greatest Hits (VÖ. 21. November 2014)

Cover versions have a bit of a tradition with Get Well Soon. This EP is just a small collection of songs that I wanted to reinterpret. It has been my long-standing plan to cover only superhits on one record (I thought, I‘d learn something), but somehow that got lost somewhere along the way. That‘s why there are only three superhits and three secret hits on thsi EP. These versions were developed for very different reasons and occasions over the years. I hope the selection is quite controversial.


01. Lucifer Rising II
02. Careless Whisper
03. Oh My Love
04. Always The Sun
05. Rocket Man
06. Until I Die

Get Well Soon auf Tour im Januar 2015

20. Januar 2015, Leipzig, UT Connewitz
21. Januar 2015, Berlin, Heimathafen
22. Januar 2015, Bochum, Bhf. Langendreer
23. Januar 2015, Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
28. Januar 2015, München, Freiheiz
29. Januar 2015, Wien, Porgy & Bess
30. Januar 2015, Innsbruck, Weekender
31. Januar 2015, Stuttgart, Wagenhallen

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