Fanfarlo – Video zu „Shiny Things“

Am 24. Februar erscheint „Rooms Filled With Light“, der Nachfolger von Fanfarlo’s 2009er Überraschungserfolg „Reservoir“. Mit „Replicate“ und „DE.CON.STRUC.TION.“ gab es darauf bereits zwei Singles als Vorgeschmack und nun etwas mehr als einen Monat vor dem Album-Release schicken die britischen Indie-Popper den nächsten Song voraus. „Shiny Things“ heißt der und hat auch bereits ein hübsches Video bekommen.

Zum Song schreiben Fanfarlo bei NPR: „This is a song about giving things up; about how easy it is for us to lose sight of the things that matter and trade them for the things that don’t“. Und über das Video heißt es dort:

„Fanfarlo has a great mix of humor and pathos. They can sing about heavy topics with a smile and even a wink. And you can hear it in ‚Shiny Things,‘ which kind of says, ‚We’re so caught up with our precious concerns that we’re destroying our planet… whoops… oh well.‘

„So it seemed right that, in the video, what initially looks like a captivated audition for an artistic sport, is eventually revealed to be a crazy, parasitic scenario.

„Fanfarlo brought a lot of great ideas to this. Over a few great conversations, we talked about a bunch of inspirations, ranging from the films of the surrealist Hans Richter, to the novel ‚The Lost World‘ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but also to the fact that the Aztecs would sometimes make the conquistadors drink hot melted gold in an amazing and ironic act of retribution — all of which found their way into the video.“

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