Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 7 "in true rock and roll style had an early night"

Finalstimmung im Eight Legs Tour-Diary. Nur noch vier Termine sind übrig, darunter nur noch Termine im Süden, nach denen sich die Jungs am Wochenende auf die lange Heimfahrt machen dürfen. Aber erst einmal zu den neuesten Erlebnissen, dieses Mal von Jack Garside:

Another day on the road. Today starts with the drive from Munster to Berlin.

After being reunited with 2/3 of The Shutes who look a hell of a lot better than when we left them, we headed over to a competition winners house. The competition he won earns him the pleasure of having us over to play in his living room. After being told that we were playing at a 14 year olds house we were slightly surprised to roll up to a fella named Christian (aged 25) and his flat full of friends and fans.

After an interesting but all together great house gig we headed over to White Trash for some grub and then in true rock and roll style had an early night.

Today we cruised over to Leipzig for an acoustic gig, should be a banger.

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Eight Legs auf Tour:

21. April, Wien, Chelsea
22. April, München, 59:1
23. April, Bern, Dachstock
24. April, Winterthur, Albani

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