Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 6 "no run-ins with the police this time around"

Gestern spielten die Eight Legs ihr mittlerweile viertes Konzert in Münster. Es war wieder einmal voll und eine gute Show, mehr dazu in Kürze hier. Aber erst einmal melden sich die Eight Legs selbst zu Wort, nämlich mit ihrem sechsten Tour-Diary Eintrag. Los geht’s mit einer kleinen Geschichtsstunde. Es kann ja auch nicht immer um’s Saufen gehen. Geschrieben hat übrigens Sam.


During WWII, the Allied Forces destroyed the city. It was completely flattened. What was once one of Europe’s leading cities of art, architecture and culture became nothing more than a smoldering blanket of rubble. According to wikipedia, civilian deaths after the bombings are currently believed to be „around 24,000 and 40,000“ It is argued that the city posed no real industrial or military threat to the allied forces. Some people claim that the bombings were a war crime. Others claim that the attacks were strategically justified. Some historians argue that the city was bombed to stop the Russians from gaining a city of immense beauty and culture or that the brutality of the attacks were simply a demonstration of how far the allied forces were willing to go to emerge victorious.

Today – excluding a few glorious buildings near the river – the city seems to be a concrete monument to its former glory.

Take a look at these images :

zerstörtes Stadtzentrum


This was a great show. We returned to the Bang Bang club, a familiar venue to us, and played to a large, enthusiastic crowd in a city that we love. Customary post gig drinks ensued at 8mm into the small hours.

Prior to the Berlin gig we played an acoustic set at the Ramones museum and had an interview at the radio station Motor FM.

A Cloud Of Volcanic Ash:

At this juncture, we were supposed to bid farewell to The Shutes. Tired and disheveled, they left for the airport singing „take me back to dear old blightey“. Alas, their journey home was not to be, owing to the eruption of a volcano in Iceland and the resulting cloud of dust belched south over Europe, which has grounded planes at airports almost everywhere.

As you are surely aware this event has caused chaos more potent than the disruption to flights following 9/11. However, if one good thing can come of this then it is that The Shutes will now complete the rest of the tour with us. So you lucky people who are still to see an Eight Legs gig, may also get to see the Shutes.


Following a heavy night in Berlin, we left early to make time for the six hour drive into Bavaria. We were making good time until we were stopped and questioned by a pair of stern police officers, then searched and questioned some more. This happens to us frequently in the south so we have become somewhat desensitized to their harassment. It is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

Once again, the gig that night was brilliant.


Another early start the following day and another six hour drive this time headed north west to Munster. Thankfully, we had no run-ins with the police this time around. This is the fourth time we have played in Munster, as always we had a great show.

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