Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 5 "copious amounts of Macedonian Merlot and Kosovan Claret does strange things to the human body"

Beinahe drei Tage musstet ihr nun schon ohne Update von der Tour der Eight Legs auskommen. Da wird es natürlich wieder Zeit, also weiter geht’s dann jetzt mit Teil 5 des Dairy:


I think the last time we spoke was just before the show in Frankfurt. The gig was great but the evening was somewhat ruined by tour manager, ‚Big Willy Mathews‘ keeping everybody awake all night with his fucking snoring!

Post Frankfurt was a day off in Dresden. This was supposed to be a chilled one with an evening of rest and relaxation……However, by 6pm we were bored as bastards so we decided to invest in a selection of eastern europes finest red wine, scotlands cheapest scotch and Dresdens deadliest tramp beer. Needless to say, things went downhill from there. After the introduction of a brand spanking new drinking game ‚THEM DERN’S‘ (nice one Shutes) we discovered that copious amounts of Macedonian Merlot and Kosovan Claret does strange things to the human body/mind. Mike Shutes was talking to goasts, Rob Shutes turned into a dying feline and Dubbs Eightlegs did a textbook sick. There were some sore heads in the morning.

In other news:

Grant has a gammy eye.
Will has gammy tonsils.
Spag bol goes missing in the middle of night.
Dresden gig a corker.
Volcano to strand the Shutes???

Eightlegs stereo::

Bob Dylan, Johnny cash, Leonard Cohen.

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Eight Legs auf Tour:

15. April, Berlin, Bang Bang Club
16. April, Augsburg, Beim Weißen Lamm
17. April, Münster, Amp
21. April, Wien, Chelsea
22. April, München, 59:1
23. April, Bern, Dachstock
24. April, Winterthur, Albani

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