Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 4 "Germany thrash England 18 – 8 in the Football"

Und weiter geht’s mit der Tour der Eight Legs. Nun kurz vor ihrem Konzert in Frankfurt wurde es auch wieder Zeit für den nächsten Teil des Tour-Diary. Viel Spaß:

The Cologne craic and Germany thrash England 18 – 8 in the Football….

After a bit of a quiet night (in terms of alcohol consumption) in Paderborn (lovely place) we arrived in Cologne for our show at Gebaude 9. An early start meant we had time for a spot of football… and since it was such a sunny day (Vitamin D mother fuckers…) we set out in search of a park. After being ushered away form several spots we bumped into a group of fellas who in fact did not want our phones and wallets (as first thought) but challenged us to a game. I’d like to lie and say it was close… but it definitely wasn’t… we got smashed… However we can take solace in the fact that England 1st term will win the world cup, im certain.

The gig that evening was an absolute banger. Great crowd – The Shutes and birthday boy (and ex-eight leg) Lee Wesley made a brief appearence during the set. This was followed by our signature 1 ipod DJ set.

I should also point out the football results in England were shite for all of us that day apart from our big skunk mag matthews….

Day off on Sunday. We put on a surprise acoustic show with The Shutes at Stereo Wonderland who stole the show. Big up thanks and respect to Steini and Martin at Stereo Wonderland for the party, the booze, the beds and breakfast!

Frankfurt bound…


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12. April, Frankfurt a.M., Ponyhof
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24. April, Winterthur, Albani

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