Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 3 "copious amounts of Jager"

Die Eight Legs Tour läuft auf Hochtouren, mehrere Städte wurden bereits eingenommen, Zeit also für den nächsten Teil des Tour-Diary. Heute geschrieben von Drummer Jack Garside. Viel Spaß:

Hello ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the third installment of the Eight Legs tour blog.

Day 3 of the tour and we are currently on route to Paderborn with the stinky showerless Shutes. After Rob getting arrested Chris in his attempt to upstage him failed, resulting in a broken toe from a heated debate. Jack W managed to pull the first sick on the tour this morning with his head out of the window of the Van.

Last nights show in Heidelberg apart from being the hottest show in history was also a corker. With copious amounts of Jager and some indie disco it was a fun night all round. Messy dressing room apart.

Eight Legs Radio:

The XX

Limp Bizkit- Break Stuff

Ricky Gervais Podcast

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12. April, Frankfurt a.M., Ponyhof
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15. April, Berlin, Bang Bang Club
16. April, Augsburg, Beim Weißen Lamm
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21. April, Wien, Chelsea
22. April, München, 59:1
23. April, Bern, Dachstock
24. April, Winterthur, Albani

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