Eight Legs – Tour-Diary Pt. 2 "This little Piggy went to market. This little Piggy had a field day."

Und weiter geht’s mit dem Tagebuch der Eight Legs. Die Jungs haben gestern noch die Reise nach Stuttgart beendet. Dort feierten sie den Auftakt der Deutschland-Tour und haben direkt wieder einiges erlebt, das sie euch sogleich berichten möchten. Heute geschrieben von Sänger Sam Jolly. Viel Spaß:

„This little Piggy went to market. This little Piggy had a field day. German Police. Red mist. Rob Potter: Criminal.

They were on us like a rash. Like flies ‚round shit. Looking back at the ambush, it is the speed and efficiency of their brutality that astounds me. There was no warning; the snarling German shepherd was hanging off my forearm before I had chance to realise what was happening.

We were in Stuttgart and had been drinking heavily after the first gig of our tour. We had watched a great show by The Shutes and were still buzzing from our own performance. Naturally, we all felt like having a few drinks. We left the venue, had a drunken bike ride and then went looking for the next whiskey bar.

And that is when they hit us. Ten angry police officers, armed and offended by our presence, plus one big, angry dog. The pigs were in no mood to talk, they didn’t want to here what we had to say for ourselves. It seems that all they really wanted to do was bust some British skulls. The mix of beer, vodka, adrenaline and anger makes my recollection of the whole affair somewhat hazy. But I remember being angry… FUCKING ANGRY. Irate, incensed, outraged, seething at their improper use of violence. As soon as they had pulled the dog off my arm they slapped a pair of cuffs on me. I can only assume that they thought their cold brand of emotionless savagery would placate me. It just made me more indignant.

My friends were lined up like terror suspects, faces to the wall, hands visible. Their questions answered only with the sharp blow of the telescopic baton, wielded by the over zealous sergeant. Meanwhile, two officers had me around the corner, pressed against a kebab shop window. They pushed my face into the glass if I had the audacity to turn and face them or ask them why we were being attacked. A third officer stood with the obedient, brainwashed dog, ready to unleash the animal to attack at the first excuse. I thought to myself, that out of all of the whole bunch of pigs, the dog had the closest thing to a glint of humanity in his eyes.

Eventually they decided that they had their man. They picked him out of the lineup at random. He was Rob Potter: bassist to The Shutes – criminal to the German injustice system. He had allegedly smashed the window of an advertising board. They stuck him in the van and took him down to the station where he was given garbled German confessions to sign and shown photos of the crime scene. Importantly though, they had no evidence linking him to the crime. Why? Because he didn’t do it.

I thought that British police were bad but this was something else.

Injustice aside, we had a great time in Stuttgart. It is a beautiful city. Rob was released without charge and vengeance will have to be left to the gods. We can only hope that karma catches up with aforementioned police officers and deals them the cruelest retribution.

In other news;

Flying bicycle spotted

Man United sent crashing out of Europe in shock defeat to Bayern Munich

Huge Nutella on sale in Luxembourg service stations. Low, low prices.

On the Eight Legs stereo:

Jamie T, Beach House, Phoenix, Weezer, Atlas Sound.“

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