Bear Driver – Video zu "Balloon Race"

Foto: Myspace der Band

Weiter geht es mit der Vorbereitung von Bear Driver auf das SXSW. Nach drei Gratis-Downloads gibt es in dieser Woche mal ein Video zu sehen. Das nutzt altes Filmmaterial, untermalt vom Song „Balloon Race“. Die Band schreibt:

Music Video for Bear Driver song – Balloon Race. A music video made using rare 60’s footage from an Alice in Wonderland inspired film project collaboration by Michel Parry, Barney Bubbles and a bunch of their friends. Alice is played by Rosemary Chester. The footage was originally recorded with the intention of making a whole film inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The film was never completed and the original footage was only recently saved and transferred to DVD by Michel Parry who showed it to his daughter Cassie (Bear). Shortly after, Harry of Bear Driver edited the original footage to fit the song and the film (that has never previously been released in any form) was given new life. Both Michel Parry and Barney Bubbles appear in this footage. The locations are still recognisable as Soho square and Crystal Palace Park, where the monsters are!

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