Jamie Lawson – Gute Stube, Darmstadt, March 18th.

Jamie Lawson – an English singer/songwriter – has had a slow and gradual rise to prominence. His early LP ‚Last Night Stars‘ showcased his aching, beautiful yet incredibly fragile vocal which soars above his music. Almost incessantly connected with singing about love’s many forms in his music, he doesn’t deviate much from this path. Almost every track features the word ‚love‘ – but as no-one can properly define this thing, I suppose writing albums posing the questions and creating the soundscapes and atmospheres he does is an admirable effort at something impossible. On a ‚whirlwind‘ tour of two small German towns, Gera and Darmstad, in March 2012, the latter show was played in front of many Germans and a few UK ex-pats at the beautifully cosy Gute Stube venue. He was engaging and held the crowd throughout, many of whom became adopted new fans as he chatted away with them at the end. Before, Jamie had thanked the audience for coming to see ’someone they had never seen or heard before‘ at suitable points in his set, and even called a half-time break and did a ‚headcount‘ to see if they were back.

Jamie Lawson

So, his music? Well, if you’ve ever felt bad in love, or done something bad, or think about anything related to love, there is something for you here. His number 1 Irish hit single – ‚Wasn’t Expecting That‘, was preceded with a story about how the fame and rise to some level of success is something he ’say happen to other people‘ and that when it happened to him it was ‚just weird, like it wasn’t me‘. The song is a simple walk through the life of love, from when you first meet someone accidentally and it turns out to go all the way, to the end. A rarer thing than happens to most these days, but the track works superbly well as a heart-warming trick and has been adored and played on many stations and shows. Tonight, he played most of the songs from the first LP, but mainly concentrated on new material that he is calling ‚from his 2 and a half album‘. Last LP, his second, ‚Pull Of The Moon‘ was favoured well, but did not herald much commercial success, hence why Jamie is still touring two German cities and getting up at 4am to fly over and play shows to rooms of people. Don’t miss out on this gem before you can say ‚I knew him before he exploded‘. Here is ‚Wasn’t Expecting That‘, which started a lot of good for Jamie Lawson, but dig deeper, as there is more beyond the hit.



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