GET INVOLVED presents: Dananananaykroyd + Holy Mammoth, The Cluny, Newcastle, 12. November 2011

This momentous gig was the end of an era for two very important parts of music history. Firstly, it was the final gig for veteran Newcastle based promoter Get Involved and, secondly, it was the final ever gig for Glaswegian ‘fight pop’ band Dananananaykroyd.

Jack and Joel are the brains behind Newcastle based promoters Get Involved. Since their incarnation in 2007, Get Involved has hosted an impressive amount of gigs with equally impressive acts. Including the likes of No Age, The Twilight Sad, Les Savy Fav, Fucked Up and Mike Watt, it is safe to say that Get Involved have had their place in the Newcastle music scene and are respected for the sheer volume of talent they have brought to the city. Alas, tonight will be their final venture and what better way to end it than to put on one of the bands that they have promoted most over the years….Dananananaykroyd.

First up though, Holy Mammoth. Actually, Razmataz Lorry Excitement played first, but I was still at work so only managed to arrive at the Cluny in time for Holy Mammoth. Anyway, Holy Mammoth is a band that I have seen numerous times before but never seem to get sick of. I would describe it as 90’s-esque alternative rock, in vein of acts such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., but with a northern twist. Add in a few bad jokes and mindless babble between songs and you get the picture. In all seriousness though, Holy Mammoth are a very talented and a thoroughly enjoyable band. Complex guitar lines drowned in thick distortion fill the Cluny and I, for one, can’t get enough of it. I have heard their sound being described as very self indulgent, but for me it is exactly to my taste and exactly the sort of thing I look forward to hearing live. Maybe the long instrumental soundscapes and distorted solos aren’t to everyone’s taste, but the melodic verses are sure to satisfy the needs of the majority of people. For me, it’s a nice new take on a past style and I certainly don’t see it getting old any time soon.

Next up, the headline band and the band everyone is here to see, Dananananaykroyd. As a band I have never seen them live before but have always heard good things. What a night to see them though: the final night on their final ever tour. Literally the last chance anyone will ever get to see them live, I though I aught to make my debut viewing before its too late. Arriving on stage dressed in ‘black tie’ attire to commemorate the funeral of their own band and also the promoters’ seemed very appropriate.Dananananaykroyd From the start, the energy they convey is astounding. The two singer set up run around the stage and dive into the crowd at every possible occasion while still managing to sing and scream without faltering one bit. Their lively and fun filled post hardcore songs are blasted throughout the entire venue with a genuine passion, which seems to reach the hearts of everyone in the venue. Feet are tapping, heads are nodding, people are jumping and some are even stage diving, despite numerous appeals not to from the band.

Throughout their set, various instructions are given to the audience. We’re asked to kneel down on the floor until they say, pump our fists in the air and make a ‘wall of hugs’. It is clear than audience involvement is one of the reasons that this band has such a legendary status as live performers. Does it distract everyone from the music though? I don’t think so; I think it adds to it making this a fully enjoyable live show. More than just watching a band playing songs, we are fully immersed in the experience. Their final show is definitely a fun one and the band have put all of their effort into making it as enjoyable as possible. I’m sure I recollect hearing one band member shout “it’s better to burn out than to fade away”. And in this case, it couldn’t seem a more relevant quote. Nearing the end of the show, we see Joel from Get Involved jump up on stage, hug every band member while they’re still playing then dive into the crowd head first for a well deserved crowd surf. After a short departure, the band come back on stage for a short encore and end the show all standing together and doing a honourable bow.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. Both bands I saw were on top form tonight and made it a very memorable evening. It’s just a shame that this is the final time I get to see Dananananaykroyd live and also the last time I get to attend a Get Involved gig. Both will be sorely missed.


RIP Dananananaykroyd: 2006-2011

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