B>E>A>K, The Tyne Bar, Newcastle, 16th October 2011

Sunderland based instrumentalists B>E>A>K have to be up there in my top 10 North East bands at the minute. Somewhat of a super group, this flock consists of members of other prolific northeast bands such as This Aint Vegas (a personal favourite of mine), The Lake Poets, Field Music and Coal Train. With such an impressive line up of local talent, it’s no surprise that B>E>A>K stand out as one of the most interesting northeast acts around at the minute.

Taking place at one of my favourite and most frequented venues, The Tyne Bar, this has been a gig that I’ve been looking forward to or a very long time. Turning up roughly half an hour before the band was set to perform, the Tyne Bar looked ready to ‘Get its Beak On’. With the bar staff dressed in bird masks and projectors lighting up the stage, everyone was prepared for the ensuing performance.

As the clock strikes nine, the audience are anticipating the arrival of the B>E>A>K flock. Chants of ‘Get Ya Beak On’ combined with bird squawks eminate from the exited audience. Only a few minutes later, the flock of birds that are B>E>A>K start pushing their way through the crowd to reach the stage. All six members are dressed in the different coloured outfits with corresponding bird masks ready to unleash their own brand of bird rock onto the packed out Tyne Bar.

B>E>A>KFrom the very beginning to the very end, the band never let up giving it their all throughout the entire set. It’s quite difficult to pin down their sound, as they have their own unique take on the instrumental formula. Instead of opting for the instrumental standard post rock genre, these birds steer more towards a more post hardcore style. Kind of like an instrumental Fugazi with a brass section. This, for me and everyone else at the Tyne Bar, is definitely a winning formula. Playing tracks from their two newest releases, entitled the RED and YELLOW edition, as well as their debut 7” Culture Vulture, B>E>A>K give something for everyone to enjoy.

The songs played tonight are full of energy, with bands members running around the stage, into the crowds and even playing atop the bar there is a strong energy floating around in the Tyne Bar. These songs played are done so with so much force that they leave a strong impression with the listener. The welcome addition of a brass section to a post hardcore instrumental band works perfectly. Allowing an additional dimension to their sound, they use this to their advantage. With trumpet players running outside the venue and on the bar top, they request a chant of ‘Get Ya Beak On’ from the audience, who are more than happy to participate. After about 40 minutes of perfectly executed instrumental bird rock, their set is complete and I am left wanting more. Not that they didn’t satisfy my needs, but who wouldn’t want more of this? I leave the Tyne Bar with a bird mask that I acquired from a member of the band feeling satisfied and eager to attend the next B>E>A>K show. Until next time….SQUAWK SQUAWK!!

Photos: Alex Burgess, more here


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