Frankie & The Heartstrings – Interview

Mit „Hunger“ veröffentlichten die Sunderlander von Frankie & The Heartstrings ein starkes Debüt, das es zumindest in unseren Jahreslisten auf eine gute Position schaffen wird. Auch live haben die Jungs einiges auf dem Kasten, wie sie unter anderem in Hamburg unter Beweis stellten. Für uns also mehr als genug Gründe die Band einmal zu einem kleinen Interview zu bitten, bei dem Gitarrist Michael Rede und Antwort stand.

Is it true that Frankie & The Heartstrings formed over cocktails?

It is, Frankie was working as a waiter in a cocktial bar that Dave, Dennis and I frequented.

Personally, I really like the retro-style but it also is something journalists either seem to love or to hate. Was that sound intentional because you all love it or did it just come naturally when you played together?

We just wanted to make music that we really liked. we werent initially bothered if anyone else liked it as well. Didn’t think that many people would ever get to hear it.

Edwyn Collins produced your album. What was it like to record with him and later to tour with him?

Amazing, he’s such a kind, warm, intelegent (i could go on and on all day), funny man who brightens up the room when he walks in. His studio and prodution technique suited us perfectly. The tour was great fun too. His family and band that travel with him and all, incredibly lovely people.

Frankie also has a drawing by Edwyn Collins tattooed on his arm. How did that idea arise?

It’s a self portrait that Edwyn drew while in hospital recovering from two strokes.
It’s a beautiful image and very poinient

“Hunger” entered the British album charts at #32. How did that feel for you?

Very proud. We dedicated two years of our lives to the record and the chart possition made it feel worthwhile.

Wichita Records showed an interest in the band at a very early stage while other bands play live for years and no one seems to actually care. Wichita knocking on your door must have been a good self-esteem boost!

It was, and it was a massive surprise when Wichita started showing an interest in us. Its a boy’s dream to be able to be in a band and when it came true we were thrilled, especially as loads of our favourite artists are on their roster.

Could you explain the whole Popsex business, please?

It’s a factory records-esque labal that we not only release our own music on but we use to document everything that we feel is sigificant along the way.

You interact with your fans via Twitter like no other band I know. How important do you think Twitter actually has become to musicians?

I think it’s more important than many musicians realise. The power of being able to interact with fans on a daily basis enables people to feel more a part of what you are about.
I saw you perform in Brussels last year in November when you and Gravenhurst supported Paul Smith. The majority of the audience was sitting quietly on the steps, which I found massively irritating.

You just played your first two headline shows in Germany. What was it like for you and will there be more this year?

They were both brilliant. Wonderful cities, even better people and slighty strange food. Why are the hot dogs 3 times bigger than the buns? Can’t wait to go back.

Foto auf Startseite: Andy Wilshire
Foto im Artikel: Ariane WhiteTapes, vom Konzert in Brüssel


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