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Ab Samstag befindet sich der Kanadier Jonas Bonnetta mit seinem Projekt Evening Hymns, seinem aktuellen Album „Spirit Guides“ (unten im Stream) und neuen Songs von „Spectral Dusk“ auf großer Tour quer durch Deutschland. Wir freuen uns drauf und wollten einmal die Gelegenheit nutzen euch Jonas mit einem kleinen Frage-Antwort-Spiel vorzustellen:

For our readers in Germany who still don’t know who you are, would you mind to introduce yourself?

My name is Jonas Bonnetta and I write the music for Evening Hymns. We’re a folk group from Canada. We live in Toronto.

In January you wrote on your blog that you’ll be heading into the woods to record your new album „Spectral Dusk“. How did the recordings go? Are you satisfied with the results?

The recording went great. It was a peaceful time. We’re not completely finished the recording yet but it’s getting close. We would record until super late, 3am-4am and then go to bed and when we woke up in the morning we’d hike to this little pond that we found in the woods and we cleared the snow off of it and we’d play hockey in the mornings while James, the engineer, would mix down all of our work from the night before. After that we’d come back to the cabin and start recording again. It was a great way to clear the head. I think on the record you can hear how calm and peaceful the setting was.

Did the woods have a big influence on the songs? Or would you say the result would have been the same, if you recorded in a normal studio?

I can’t say for sure what the difference would be. I have no urge to record in an actual studio at all. Recording in different spaces makes sense to me and it’s more relaxing. We packed an entire studio into the cabin and went up there for 9 days. You can hear the woodstove on the recordings, and the wind, etc. Right from the beginning we decided that we’d let all of those sounds bleed into the mixes where they chose to. I think the environment informed the recording in the sense that we were all relaxed and enjoying our break from the city. It’s pretty mellow and peaceful.

When can we expect the album to be releases?

The record should come out in the fall. We’re looking for someone to release it in Europe.

Evening Hymns is you and changing guest musicians. What made you choose a band name rather than naming it after yourself?

I didn’t want people to think of the project as just a singer-songwriter. I wanted to have a name to evoke something bigger than just one person. It’s never just been about the song. It’s always been about creating an environment for the song to be listened to in. I don’t do that by myself and I want people to think of it as something more than a collection of folk songs.

„Spirit Guides“ was released in 2009 and got you a lot of praise. How did you experience the time after the release?

Well it came out in Canada first and did fairly well over here before getting picked up by Kutu Folk Records in France. That allowed us to come and tour France and a bit of Germany and it’s been so exciting to get over there. I’m really honored to have been able to tour Europe. When we first made that record we were just excited to have made some new music so all the doors that have opened because of it have been really flattering. We feel really lucky to get to do this.

It seems there is a strong connection between Canadian musicians taking part in many different projects. Like you taking part in the Friends Of Bellwood compilation and having a lot of guest musicians on your own record. Where do you think this strong will to collaborate comes from?

I feel that our group of friends in Toronto are especially close. Everyone’s always helping everyone out, playing on each others records, etc. It’s a nice way to work. Everyone has a little bit of themselves in each others records and want them to do well. I’m friends with these bands because I love the music they make and so when it comes time for me to choose a string player or a trumpet player or add a second guitar it’s just natural that I choose people from my friend’s bands. Everyone gets excited about each others music and we tour together. Toronto has been great for that. It’s a huge city but the music scene is very small. Everyone seems to know everybody. It’s kind of like that for all of Canada actually. Every city you go into you have mutual friends that are always hosting you or hanging out. It’s pretty great.

You are about to play a headlining tour in Germany. What are you looking forward to most?

The last tour we did there we got to work with some of the best live sound engineers I’ve ever worked with and I’m looking forward to that again. I also just love traveling and this time we get to see a lot more of Germany. I also plan on trying to have a sauna every single day. That’s my favorite thing to do and we don’t have as many saunas in Canada as you guys do.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Evening Hymns auf Tour:

14. Mai, Darmstadt, 603 qm
15. Mai, München, Hauskonzert
16. Mai, Dresden, Thalia
17. Mai, Erfurt, Franz Mehlhose
18. Mai, Duisburg, Steinbruch w/ Brasstronaut
19. Mai, Berlin, Klang Klang Klang w/ Vessels + Mimas
20. Mai, Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
21. Mai, Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
22. Mai, Köln, Aetherblissement

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