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Es ist wohl kein Geheimnis, dass uns die Schotten von Endor mit ihrem diesjährigen Debüt-Album mehr als nur ein wenig begeistert haben. Darauf gibt es infektiösen Indie-Pop, der mit jedem Hördurchgang auf’s Neue Freude macht. Kein Wunder also, dass wir euch in unserer regelmäßigen Sendung bei bereits einige Male die Schotten auf die Ohren gegeben haben. Um euch Endor nun noch ein wenig näher zu bringen, gingen zwischen uns und Sänger David McGinty ein paar Mails hin und her und nun also viel Spaß mit dem Ergebnis:

Please introduce yourself and your band.

Hi we’re a band from Glasgow, Scotland called Endor. There are 5 of us. I’m David, I sing and play guitar.

How did you come up with the band name? Are you big Star Wars fans?

Yeah we are big star wars fans but the reason we’re called endor is because we came up with the name when we were in high school and never got round to changing it. I don’t think that if we were naming our band now we’d name ourselves after a moon from star wars. Saying that really glad we don’t have to come up with a name now, it’d probably be even worse!

And you’ve been a band for how long now?

We’ve been together since we were in school but at first we mostly just played Weezer covers. A couple of years after that we started to take things a bit more seriously and signed to an indie label in Glasgow who released our first single in 2006.

Which bands inspire you personally and maybe even the sound of Endor?

As far as our sound goes we think of it as being similar to bands like Teenage Fanclub, and B&S mixed with stuff like Simon and Garfunkel, and Weezer. Personally though we really love Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, The Shins, Magnetic Fields, DCFC etc. I think you can probably hear that sort of stuff in our music somewhere.

You just released your debut album a few month ago. What were people’s reactions to it?

We are really pleased with the record we took a lot of time to plan every aspect of it. The idea was that because we wanted to pay for everything ourselves we would be able to plan the entire record to the Nth degree since we couldn’t really afford to mess around too much, but also that gave us months worth of preproduction time whilst we were saving our pennies. It turned out even better than we expected, and the response to it has been fantastic we’ve kept it really close to ourselves and have sold most of them to people via our bandcamp page or at shows so we can meet the folks who are buying the record or at least send them all little letters telling them just how much we appreciate them spending their hard earned cash on our silly band.

How would you describe your album, is there maybe even something like a main theme?

The album is quite thematic and that was always the intention. The tracklisting was mostly written at the same time as the songs were in order to try and give the record a thematic flow. All Your More Buoyant thoughts was always the first song, Chapel Doors was always the last song on the ‚A-side‘ and Seek Cover was always the last song. If you listen to them and all the references to sparks, blood, fires etc. The theme should become clear (hopefully). Some people have told us that they enjoy the fire themes but really those references are just clues. The intended theme is most apparent in the 3 songs I mentioned earlier especially Seek Cover. I don’t really want to say it though cause it’s better that people take what they want from it.

There seems to be a very strong music scene in Scotland at the moment. Do you feel part of that scene?

We used to be really part of a ’scene‘ in the sense that we had loads of other bands that were ‚friends‘ of our band, but what eventually happens is that the people in those bands actually become your friends so the sense of a ’scene‘ falls away and it just becomes a case of having a group of friends who sometimes play music together. I guess also some of our friends have become globetrotting indie stars (probably not a term they’d like :) ) so it seems like ages since we were all together.


Do you think the success of bands like Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks made it easier for Scottish bands to get noticed?

Not really, I don’t think that’s ever the case. Their success is completely their own and each of those bands really earned it individually. There are loads of older musicians in Glasgow who are always quick to tell you that ‚It’s not like the old days when a city became swarmed in A&R men who need to sign a band from a certain postcode after one band’s success‘. Who knows what makes bands successful? Those three bands share two things in common: they’re all on the same label and they’re some of the best musicians of the last ten years, I’d hazard a guess that the latter of those two points is what has made them so successful but either of them is more important than whether or not they came from Scotland… But we are super proud to have them!

What are Endor up to next?

Well we’re working on some new stuff now and are getting ready to start working on new songs. We’ll probably hibernate a little over December and we’re booking shows for the new year. A good goal for 2011 has to be to come to Germany! We love how much you guys have been doing for us and have heard from quite a few German folks who have bought our record and are enjoying it! We can’t wait to come and play it for you! x

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