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Erased Tapes 5th Anniversary Tour – Alte Feurewache, Mannheim, Thursday 11th October 2012

„Enjoy Jazz“, said the flyer event. Also the posters. It was even draped all over the building. A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm were billed tonight at the Alte Feuerwache venue in Manheim, all members of London/Berlin based label Erased Tapes – tonight celebrating their 5th anniversary. All these artists […]

If These Trees Could Talk – Live, Kulturpalast Wiesbaden, Sunday 8th April 2012.

Cries of ‚Oh but it is such a crowded genre‘ and ‚oh do we really need another post-rock band?‘ are well-travelled journalistic speak when reviewing music of a post-rock (ugh) persuasion, which are best avoided. However, if music can affect you with no words, can words adequately explain the music? Probably not, but if that’s […]

Jamie Lawson – Gute Stube, Darmstadt, March 18th.

Jamie Lawson – an English singer/songwriter – has had a slow and gradual rise to prominence. His early LP ‚Last Night Stars‘ showcased his aching, beautiful yet incredibly fragile vocal which soars above his music. Almost incessantly connected with singing about love’s many forms in his music, he doesn’t deviate much from this path. Almost […]

The Mull Hisorical Society – City Awakenings

Colin MacIntyre’s latest offering: hmmm. It’s a new direction, yes – but not a positive one for him. Hailing from the Hebridean island of Mull, he has came a long way from supporting The Strokes on their ‚Is This It‘ tour 10 years ago, but not a long way in terms of positive change in […]

I Heart Sharks – Summer

Berlin-based electronic-rock band I Heart Sharks hail from England, New York and Bayern. I also heart sharks: they are my favourite sea-based animal, though Penguins are also pretty amazing. Sadly, that’s where the appreciation for this band ends, and the onset of dread begins. On second track ‚Monogamy‘, the backing vocals ‚ha ha ha wooo‘ […]

The Bony King Of Nowhere – Eleonore

With a name that (arguments on hold here) references British superpower act Radiohead’s alternative title for ‚There There‘ (found on their LP ‚Hail To The Thief), you would expect perhaps a certain amount of greatness in this record from Ghent based singer-songwriter Bram Vanparys. Unfortunately, this ‚ghostly vocal‘, simple songwriting and lines such as ‚all […]

M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

This release marks their first in over 3 years since ‚Saturdays=Youth‘, which was an album focused on song structure and form, inspired by band mastermind Anthony Gonzalez ‚being a teenager in the 80’s‘.  ‚Shoegaze‘ is always a term I’m a little wary of (and don’t get me started on ‚post-rock‘), but it seems of all bands […]

Bloodgroup – Dry Land

From Iceland, Reykjavik. A blend of electronica, strings and pop, with strings recorded and mixed by the excellent Ólafur Arnalds. It’s difficult not to get excited knowing all of the above. Releasing what the Icelandic press say is ‚one of the very best albums of 2009‘ – now for their wider audience – ‚Dry Land‘ […]

Wild Beasts – Interview

Wild Beasts have been around since 2008, when their debut LP ‚Limbo, Panto‘ came out. Since then, the band have gradually grown from ’strange outsiders‘ to critically acclaimed Indie stars. Their newest record ‚Smother‚ features intriguing, biting lyrics that seem to follow the themes of literary texts concerned with sex and mystery. Some have labelled […]

Mogwai – Interview

Mogwai. They’ve been around since the mid-nineties, releasing quality LP after quality LP. People attending their live concerts are advised to wear ear protection equipment. Their music is sometimes beautiful, sometimes hard rock, sometimes ethereal, sometimes electronic, sometimes quiet/LOUD, always interesting and current. They have recently released  their seventh Studio LP, ‚Hardcore Will Never Die, […]