The Mull Hisorical Society – City Awakenings

Colin MacIntyre’s latest offering: hmmm. It’s a new direction, yes – but not a positive one for him. Hailing from the Hebridean island of Mull, he has came a long way from supporting The Strokes on their ‚Is This It‘ tour 10 years ago, but not a long way in terms of positive change in his music.

MacIntyre, who’s came back to the Mull Historical Society moniker after two albums under his own name, seems to be now besotted with the idea of ‚metropolitan life‘. This record is dedicated to London, New York and Glasgow, all large, metropolitan cities.

Whilst these cities do have their undercurrent of inspiring and innovative new music, ‚City Awakenings‘ (Xtra Mile Recordings) doesn’t offer much to this melting pot; a largely gleaming, shiny indie-pop record with no real soul to speak of, featuring sub-par lyrics such as ‚I dreamt of a place, and now we’re in it – computer games with Mum and Dad in it‚; or ‚I like the lights, the lights, the lights‚…you quickly get a sense of your eyes glazing over with boredom. It has been compared to the Lightning Seeds, et al, but this would be doing these kings of pop from the 90’s a disservice.  The songs are full of pseudo-optimism and a sickly ’seen it all before‘ bunch of melodies. Offering nothing new is one thing, but offering something so disappointing is another. A real miss of a record, and with no standout track to speak of, 10 years ago would be a better time to discover this artist. Check out lead single ‚Lights‘ from this release.

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