The Bony King Of Nowhere – Eleonore

With a name that (arguments on hold here) references British superpower act Radiohead’s alternative title for ‚There There‘ (found on their LP ‚Hail To The Thief), you would expect perhaps a certain amount of greatness in this record from Ghent based singer-songwriter Bram Vanparys. Unfortunately, this ‚ghostly vocal‘, simple songwriting and lines such as ‚all my loved ones are here‚ or ‚today i leave it all behind me‘…marks this as a tired, predictable, often extremely boring example of where this type of music is going nowadays. With fantastic examples in this genre (Fionn Regan from Ireland, for example, or perhaps Damien Rice) this is a hugely disappointing offering from an artist with a great band name choice.

Perhaps harsh, you could argue at me. At times, it politely references vocal and songwriting styles of artists such as Rufus Wainright and Sufjan Stevens, though there is nothing in this record to truly hold dear. The music is kept very minimal, and he can count artists such as Devandra Banhart amongst his supporters from his previous recorded output, 2009’s ‚Alas My Love’… though for this kind of music to be special these days, there needs to be a beauty or edge which is truly missing here.

The Bony King Of Nowhere live:

02. Februar, Hamburg, Knust
03. Februar, Berlin, Privatclub
04. Februar, Dresden, Beatpol (w/ Steaming Satellites)
06. Februar, München, Kranhalle (w/ Loney Dear)
07. Februar, Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
08. Februar, Bonn, Harmonie

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