I Heart Sharks – Summer

Berlin-based electronic-rock band I Heart Sharks hail from England, New York and Bayern. I also heart sharks: they are my favourite sea-based animal, though Penguins are also pretty amazing. Sadly, that’s where the appreciation for this band ends, and the onset of dread begins. On second track ‚Monogamy‘, the backing vocals ‚ha ha ha wooo‘ are nearly as aggravating as the main vocals, but at least there’s an irony in the lyrical bridge ‚make it stop, make it stop, make it stop‚. This record is full of silly, inadvisable melodies and is cringeworthy from start to finish. The record sounds arrogant and forced throughout, perhaps: ‚I am no hero, and you are a heroine‚ barked lyrics on track ‚Kino‘, and the slang London accent adopted in most of the vocals is one of the main reasons for this apparant banality. This is especially disappointing due to some decent production that can be found at some moments here. The focus seems to be: ‚get them to dance, and ideally if they are drunk, they won’t analyse it too much‘. A few decent moments can be found in the music for track ‚Lies‘ and title track ‚Summer‘, however the lyrics and vocals just drag this record so far down. If you are looking for  some intelligent electro dance music, get involved with acts such as Crystal Castles or Foals to an extent, for example. Not this.

They seem to want to jump on the bandwagon of the ‚electro-indie crossover act‘, though this particular bandwagon is full and even if they could get in, they surely would not last long. The crowning moment of despair is on track ‚Neuzeit‘: ‚When she moves her lips, I get butterflies, but we still don’t speak the same language, it’s not just robots and autobahns that get my feelings attracted‚. This is almost exclusively mindless nonsense for the masses. Be a little more discerning and swerve. Perhaps this is a joke band: I certainly hope so, as the joke would be funny then.

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