Fawn Spots – Hair Play EP

Fawn Spots are a two piece noise punk outfit hailing from the small town of York. They are possibly one of the loudest and most fun bands I have seen play live in recent years. My first encounter with Fawn Spots happened when I travelled to York to see Times New Viking and these lads were supporting. After missing our train back to Newcastle, we decided to venture into town with the two and they happen to be to of the nicest guys. Since then we have had numerous encounters, whether it be a random encounter on a metro train in Barcelona at 5am or on their visit to Newcastle where we scoured the streets in search of the legendary Parmo! What I’m trying to say, basically, is that these two York gentlemen have a certain fun and liveliness about them, which they display perfectly in their music.

The influences are obvious; No Age, Husker Du, Black Flag, Japandroids etc. But it is important to note than Fawn Spots are not just another replication of this familiar style, they add something different to the mix. They add another level to the noise punk formula and the outcome is superb. Their first EP, mess, was self-recorded and self released. This quality represents this, giving a much sought after ‘live’ feel to the recording. But behind all the lo fi noise, distorted guitars and echoey vocals is unadulterated musical fun.

With their latest effort, Hair Play, it seems that the band have matured. Maybe not in attitude, maybe not in beliefs, but definitely in sound. The guitars, the vocals and the drums all seem more thought out and precise. It seems that the whole idea is more formed in the mind of the two members, which is clearly showed in this effort. The four track EP is full of noise. Lovely distorted guitars provide the melodic wall of sound to accompany the driving force of the drums. The sound is highly distorted, yes, but it still has a crisp and melodic sound to it. Vocals here are in traditional punk fashion, with an angry and heartfelt bite added to each word. The structure and craftsmanship of these four tracks is something I admire, and for me, the reason that I have completely fallen in love with this record. I think these four tracks are some of the best punk songs I’ve heard for a long time. I strongly urge that you check this EP, it’s likely to be the most fun an exhilarating experience you will have in quite some time.

Hair Play by Fawn Spots

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